15th Congress

Bills Filed on the 15th Congress

SBN Long Title Title Filed 1st Reading Committee Status
168An Act Creating The National Environmental Protection Agency, Defining Its Powers, Functions And Responsibilities, Appropriating Funds Therefor And For Other PurposesNational Environmental Protection ActJuly 6, 2010,August 3, 2010,Environment and Natural Resources, Civil Service and Government Reorganization and Finance
16An Act Requiring Mandatory Computer Education In All Public And Private High Schools And For Other Related PurposesMandatory Computer Education Act Of 2010July 1, 2010,July 27, 2010,Education, Arts and Culture and Finance
15An Act Establishing The Career Executive SystemCareer Executive System Act Of 2010July 1, 2010,July 27, 2010,Civil Service and Government Reorganization,2 Feb 2011: • Committee Report Calendar for Ordinary Business • Substituted by SBN-2671
14An Act Defining Cybercrime, Providing For Prevention, Suppression And Imposition Of Penalties Therefor And For Other PurposesCybercrime Prevention Act Of 2010July 1, 2010,July 27, 2010,Science and Technology, Constitutional Amendments, Revisions of Codes and Laws, Education, Arts and Culture, Justice and Human Rights, Trade and Commerce, Public Information and Mass Media and FinanceCommittee Hearing: 28 Feb 2011 3 May 2011: Returned and Submitted by the Committees per Committee Report No. 30, recommending that it be substituted by SBN-2796 10 May 2011: • Committed Report Calendar for Ordinary Business • Substituted by SBN-2796
13An Act Amending The Provisions Of Presidential Decree No. 1866, Entitled “Codifying The Laws On Illegal/Unlawful Possession, Manufacture, Dealing In, Acquisition Or Disposition Of Firearms, Ammunitions Or Instruments Used In The Manufacture Of Firearms And Ammunition, And Imposing Stiffer Penalties For Certain Violations Thereof, As Amended By Republic Act No. 8294Gun Control Act Of 2010July 1, 2010,July 27, 2010,Public Order and Dangerous Drugs and National Defense and SecurityCommittee Hearing: 11 Oct 2011
12An Act Establishing An Independent Broadcast System In The Country, Providing Funds Therefor, And For Other PurposesPublic Service Broadcast System Act Of 2010July 1, 2010,July 27, 2010,Public Information and Mass Media, Government Corporations and Public Enterprise, Ways and Means and Finance
11An Act Implementing The Right Of Access To Information On Matters Of Public Concern Guaranteed Under Section Twenty-Eight, Article II And Section Seven, Article III Of The 1987 Constitution And For Other PurposesFreedom Of Information Act Of 2010July 1, 2010,July 27, 2010,Public Information and Mass Media1st Public Hearing: 14 Oct 2010 Committee Hearing: 18 Aug 2010
An Act Reconstituting The Board Of Trustees Of Specialized Hospitals Under The Department Of Health By Including As Members The Executive Directors Of The Philippine Heart Center For Asia (PHCA), Lung Center Of The Philippines (LCP), National Kidney FoundJuly 6, 2010,August 3, 2010,Health and Demography