15th Congress

Bills Filed on the 15th Congress

SBN Long Title Title Filed 1st Reading Committee Status
370An Act Ensuring The Welfare And Protection Of Minors And For Other PurposesYouth Welfare And Protection ActJuly 6, 2010,August 4, 2010,Youth, Women and Family Relations
369An Act Including Government Officials And Employees In The Exceptions From The Prohibition Against Disclosure Of Inquiry Into Deposits With Any Banking Institution Amending For This Purpose Certain Provision Of Republic Act No. 1405 Otherwise Known As The “Secrecy Of Bank Deposits Law”An Act Including Government Officials And Employees In The Exceptions From The Prohibition Against Disclosure ...July 6, 2010,August 4, 2010,Committee Hearing 22 Mar 2011
368An Act Providing That All Contractual And Casual Employees In The Government Service Be Paid Their Corresponding Wages During Special Public Holidays, And Appropriating Funds ThereforJuly 6, 2010,August 4, 2010,Civil Service and Government Reorganization and Finance
367An Act To Promote Agritourism In The Philippines And For Other PurposesAgritourism Promotion Act Of 2010July 6, 2010,August 4, 2010,Agriculture and Food, Tourism and Ways and Means
366An Act Expanding The Grounds For Declaring A Person A Nuisance Candidate, Thereby Amending Section 69 Of Batas Pambansa Bilang 882 Otherwise Known As The Omnibus Election CodeJuly 6, 2010,August 4, 2010,Electoral Reforms and Peoples ParticipationJoint Committee Hearing 19 Jan 2011 Joint Committee Hearing 22 Mar 2011 Committee Hearing 8 Mar 2011
365An Act To Promote Marine Resources Awareness Through Requiring The Inclusion Of Maritime/Marine Education As A Separate Subject In Elementary And High School Curriculum, And For Other PurposesMarine Resources Awareness And Education ActJuly 6, 2010,August 4, 2010,Education, Arts and Culture, Agriculture and Food and Finance
364An Act Restoring The Philippine Inventors Commission, Defining Its Powers, Functions And Duties, And For Other Purposes That Will Encourage The Generation, Development, Manufacture, Promotion And Market Of The Philippine InventionsInventors And Invention Incentive Act Of 2010July 6, 2010,August 4, 2010,Science and Technology, Ways and Means and Finance
363An Act Requiring All Government Agencies, Instrumentalities, Local Government Units, And Government Owned And/Or Controlled Corporations (GOCCS) And Private Establishments To Use Security Water-Marked Paper In All Receipts And Invoices, Permits, Licenses, Clearances, Official Papers Or DocumentsDocument Authentication And Security Act Of 2010July 6, 2010,August 4, 2010,Ways and Means Committee Hearing 15 Aug 2011
362An Act Requiring All Motorcycle Owners To Undergo Motorcycle Safety Riding Program, Providing Penalties Therefor, And For Other PurposesMotorcycle Safety Riding Program Of 2010July 6, 2010,August 4, 2010,Public Services and Local Government
361An Act To Protect The Safety, Moral, And Well-Being Of Schoolchildren By Prohibiting Listed Sex Offenders From Entrance To School Premises Or Activities, And For Other PurposesSex Offenders School Access Prohibition ActJuly 6, 2010,August 4, 2010,Education, Arts and Culture and Justice and Human Rights