Trillanes wants to update 40-year-old law on pharmacy profession

Senator Antonio “Sonny” F. Trillanes IV is seeking to amend the 40-year-old law on pharmaceutical profession in the country to keep it abreast with the development in the practice of pharmacy and enhance the professional competence of its graduates.


“The advances in science and technology coupled with the rapid expansion of the global economy have made the 40-year old law outdated, if not obsolete,” Trillanes said in his sponsorship speech of Senate Bill No. 3140.


“There’s a need for a new pharmacy law which would keep the practice of the profession abreast with these developments,” he added.


The proposed measure intends to standardize and regulate pharmacy education in the country and regulate the registration and licensing of graduates.


It also seeks to supervise, control and regulate the practice of pharmacy, as well as enhance professional competence through mandatory continuing development and research, and integrate the pharmacy profession.


“In sum, the enactment of this measure is intended to complement the talent and competence of our professional pharmacists by providing them with an updated regulatory framework,” Trillanes said. 


“This measure will also equip them with the necessary tools to further improve and maintain our vibrant pharmaceutical industry and provide them with the necessary competitive edge to be able to compete in the international arena,” he added.  #