Mr. President:

Your Committee on Civil Service and Government Organization has the honor to sponsor Senate Bill No. 914, or the Chemistry Law of 2014, under Committee Report No. 13

Chemistry plays an important role in every aspect of our life – from scientific or academic endeavor to its application in day to day living. Without the proper regulation of its application and practice, however, it has the potential to become threat to the safety of the public.

The old Chemistry law or Republic Act No. 754 was enacted in 1952 to regulate practice of Chemistry in the country. However, recent developments in science and technology, as well as in global standards, have made the provisions of this law outdated which require us to reformulate our Chemistry law to make it more responsive to these recent developments.

SBN 914, thus, seeks to repeal RA 754 and introduce the following:

·        First, update the definition of Chemistry and the scope of the professional practice of Chemistry;

·        Second, define the practice of the Chemical Technician;

·        Third, strengthen the professional practice of Chemistry to promote global competitiveness and to bring it in line with international practice, certification and standards.

·        Fourth, rationalize the relationship between Chemistry and allied professions.

·        Fifth, strengthen the authority of the Board of Chemistry to supervise chemistry laboratories and other entities which practice chemistry to ensure that the minimum quality standards are maintained. 

·        Sixth, support the requirement for Continuing Professional Education (CPE) for the continuous training and international competitiveness of professional chemists. 

·        Seventh, allow foreign chemists to practice in the country, provided that their countries of origin afford the same privilege to Filipino chemists.

·        Eight, bring the practice of Chemistry in line with the PRC Modernization Act of 2000 (RA 8981), as well as national concerns related chemistry, such as the laws relating to toxic and hazardous and nuclear waste (RA 6969) and dangerous drugs (RA 9165).

During the 15th Congress, this measure was passed on Third Reading in the House of Representatives. However, due to time constraints and different priorities, it was not passed here in the Senate.

In view of these considerations, I urge our colleagues to support the immediate approval of this measure. 

Thank you, Mr. President.