Clarifications on the so-called Brady notes

Just so we can get this out of the way, here are some clarifications. First, don't assume right away that the so-called Brady notes are authentic. So far, it is only Senator Enrile who's reading from it and interpreting it. Did the DFA certify it as authentic? Now, on the assumption that it is authentic, why can't JPE make it public in the same way that he read it in the Senate? This way the whole

 country would be able to know, in full context, what I actually said to Philippine Ambassador Sonia Brady during our one-on-one meeting (there were no Chinese present, of course). My role as a back channel negotiator cannot and should not be judged based on what JPE says. Be assured that I did not sellout our country; that everything was in line with PNoy's foreign policy position; and that he was calling the shots all the time. The most important thing is, we have eased the tensions; our interests are secured; and we did not cede anything.