P D A F S U M M A R Y ( 2010 - 2013 )


Don Mariano Marcos Memorial State University Mid-La Union Campus, San Fernando City, La UnionConstruction/Repair/Rehabilitation of Elementary bldg.500,000.002012
Don Mariano Marcos Memorial State University Mid-La Union Campus, San Fernando City, La UnionConstruction/Repair/Rehabilitation of Student Affairs and Services bldg.2,500,000.002012
Don Mariano Marcos Memorial State UniversityScholarship Program300,000.002012
Don Mariano Marcos State UniversityScholarship Program500,000.002011
Mun of Bani, PangasinanConstruction/Repair/Rehabilitation of Multi-purpose Bldg (Day Care Center)350,000.002012
Narra Elementary School, San Manuel, PangasinanPurchase of 200 pcs of School Chairs200,000.002013
Gammad Elementary School, Iguig, Cagayan4 units of Computer80,000.002013
Cagayan State UniversityScholarship Program500,000.002011
Angandanan National High School, Angadanan, IsabelaComputer units100,000.002012
Angadanan National High School, Brgy Centro 1, Angadanan, IsabelaConstruction/Repair/Rehabilitation of School Fence83,000.002011
Isabela State University, Roxas CampusScholarship Program500,000.002011
Nueva Vizcaya State UniversityScholarship Program300,000.002012
Dadap Elementary School, Brgy. Dadap, Solano, Nueva VizcayaConstruction of two Classroom Bldg.875,000.002011
Bulacan State Univ.Construction of Grad. Sch. Bldg.1,500,000.002011
Bulacan State UniversityScholarship Program500,000.002011
Norzagaray CollegeScholarship Program500,000.002010
Muñoz National High School10 units of computers200,000.002013
San Antonio Integrated School, Science City of Muñoz, Nueva EcijaPurchase of IT equipment: 5 units of computers100,000.002012
Central Luzon State UniversityConst. of 2-storey, 6-classroom Bldg.3,000,000.002011
CLSU Alumni Asso.Construction of CLSU School bldg. (Alumni Hostel)1,000,000.002011
Bacal 1, Elementary School, Bacay 1, Talavera, Nueva EcijaRepair of School bldg.250,000.002011
Central Luzon State UniversityScholarship Program500,000.002011
Don Honorio Ventura State UniversityScholarship Program300,000.002012
Tarlac State UniversityScholarship Program300,000.002012
San Roque National High School, Bamban, Tarlac3 Laptops at Php. 25,000.00/unit; 2 LCD Monitor at Php. 4,100.00/unit83,200.002011
San Roque National High School, Bamban, TarlacConstruction/Repair/Rehabilitation of Classroom Bldg.1,000,000.002011
Sta. Monica Elementary School, Conception, TarlacConstruction/Repair/Rehabilitation of Covered Gym2,000,000.002010
Mavalor Elem. Sch., Rosario, Batangas1 Computer and Printer30,000.002013
Rosario National High School, Rosario, BatangasConstruction/Repair/Rehabilitation of Classroom Bldgs.150,000.002013
Maximo T. Hernandez Memorial National High School, Brgy. Malainin, Ibaan, BatangasConstruction/Repair/Rehabilitation of 4-classroom School Bldg.2,000,000.002012
Batangas State UniversityScholarship Program300,000.002012
San Fernando Primary School, Malvar, BatangasConstruction of 2-storey, 8-classroom Bldg.2,000,000.002011
Cavite State University Main Campus, Indang, CaviteConstruction/Repair/Rehabilitation of Multi-purpose Bldg.2,000,000.002013
Sangley Point National High School, La Naval Base, CaviteTables for their Medical Infirmary100,000.002012
Cavite City State UniversityScholarship Program300,000.002012
De Guia Academy, Magallanes, CaviteScholarship Program1,000,000.002011
PIIS Elementary School, Lucban, QuezonConstruction/Repair/Rehabilitation of Edukasyong Pantahanan bldg.250,000.002012
Renaissance International School of Science and TechnologyScholarship Program700,000.002012
Brgy. San Isidro, Rodriguez, RizalConstruction/Repair/Rehabilitation of Audio-visual Room, San Isidro National High Sch.500,000.002012
Pamantasan ng Montalban, Kasiglahan Village, San Jose, Rodriguez, RizalConstruction/Repair/Rehabilitation of School bldg.2,000,000.002012
Our Lady Queen of the World, Sunnyville Subdivision, Ampid, San Mateo, Rizal3 computer units at Php. 17,655.00/pc52,965.002011
Rennaisance International School of Science and TechnologyScholarship Program300,000.002011
Occidental Mindoro State CollegeScholarship Program500,000.002011
Kusang Loob Elem School, Brgy. Tagbac, Lubang, MindoroConstruction/Repair/Rehabilitation of School Bldg.1,500,000.002010
Mindoro State College of Agriculture and TechnologyScholarship Program300,000.002012
Palawan State UniversityConstruction/Repair/Rehabilitation of the Academic Bldg (Center for Strategic Policy and Governance (CSPG) bldg.)4,000,000.002012
Palawan State UniversityScholarship Program500,000.002011
Bicol University, Legazpi City, AlbayConstruction/Repair/Rehabilitation of Multipurpose Bldg.3,000,000.002013
Bicol UniversityScholarship Program300,000.002012
Bicol UniversityScholarship Program500,000.002011
Rapu-Rapu, AlbayConstruction of Multi-Purpose bldg. at Rapu-Rapu Central School,3,000,000.002010
Bicol Regional Science High School, Tuburan, Ligao CityConstruction of 2-storey school Bldg4,000,000.002010
Roy Padilla Sr. Memorial Technical and Vocational SchoolJose Panganiban, Camarines NorteConstruction/Repair/Rehabilitation of Classrooms1,000,000.002013
G. Jardin Elementary School, Brgy Singi, Vinzons, Camarines NorteConstruction of School Bldg.700,000.002010
Camarines Norte State College Main Campus, Daet, Camarines NorteRepair of Campus Road1,500,000.002010
Mananao Elementary School, Tinambac South District, Camarines SurConstruction/Repair/Rehabilitation of classroom100,000.002013
Camarines Sur Polytechnic Colleges, Nabua, Camarines SurConstruction/Repair/Rehabilitation of 2-storey Academic bldg. 3,000,000.002012
Fabrica Elementary School, Bula, Camarines SurConstruction/Repair/Rehabilitation of Multi-purpose bldg.200,000.002012
Burabod Elementary School, Brgy Burabod, GarchitorenaConstruction/Rehabilitation of School1,000,000.002010
Dangla Elementary School, Dangla, GarchitorenaConstruction/Repair/Rehabilitation  of School bldg.500,000.002010
Bahi Elementary School, Brgy Bahi, GarchitorenaConstruction/Repair/Rehabilitation  of School bldg.500,000.002010
Catanduanes State College, Virac, CatanduanesConstruction/Repair/Rehabilitation of Multipurpose Bldg.3,000,000.002013
Dr. Emilio Espinosa Sr. Memorial State College of Agriculture and Technology, Mandaon, MasbateConstruction/Repair/Rehabilitation of Multipurpose Bldg.3,000,000.002013
Aroroy National High School, Aroroy, MasbateConstruction/Repair/Rehabilitation of Multipurpose Bldg (Covered Court)3,000,000.002013
Cataingan Municipal College, Cataingan, MasbateConstruction/Repair/Rehabilitation of 2-room Sch. bldg.1,500,000.002012
Nursery High School, Masbate CityConstruction of 6 classroom, 2-storey Bldg.1,000,000.002011
Sorsogon State College, Sorsogon CityConstruction/Repair/Rehabilitation of Covered Court3,000,000.002013
Sorsogon State College, Sorsogon CityConstruction/Repair/Rehabilitation of Audio Visual bldg.3,000,000.002012
Aklan State UniversityScholarship Program300,000.002012
Buruanga Elementary School, Poblacion, Buruanga, AklanConstruction of School bldg.1,500,000.002011
University of AntiqueScholarship Program300,000.002012
Magsaysay Elementary School, Patnongon, AntiqueConstruction/Repair/Rehabilitation of Multi-purpose Bldg250,000.002011
Capiz State UniversityScholarship Program300,000.002012
Northern Iloilo Polytechnic State College, Estancia, IloiloConstruction/Repair/Rehabilitation of the Cyber Laboratory bldg. at NIPSC Main Campus3,000,000.002012
Northern Iloilo Polytechnic State CollegeScholarship Program500,000.002013
Balasan Central School, Balasan, IloiloConstruction/Repair/Rehabilitation of classrooms500,000.002012
Pani-an Ipil Elementary School, Balasan, IloiloConstruction/Repair/Rehabilitation of School Stage200,000.002012
Carvasana Elementary School, Calinog, IloiloConstruction/Repair/Rehabilitation of Gymnasium500,000.002012
West Visayas State UniversityScholarship Program300,000.002012
Technical Institute of Iloilo CityPurchase of School Equipment514,245.002011
West Visayas State UniversityScholarship Program500,000.002011
Cabarrus Catholic College, Sipalay City, Negros Occidental3 units of Computer60,000.002013
Calangcang Elem. Sch.Sipalay City, Negros OccidentalConstruction/Repair/Rehabilitation of Stage200,000.002012
Carlos Hilado Memorial State CollegeScholarship Program300,000.002012
Northern Negros State College of Science and TechnologyScholarship Program300,000.002012
Negros State College of AgricultureScholarship Program300,000.002012
Bohol State University / Central Visayas State College of Agri., Forestry, and Tech.Scholarship Program300,000.002012
Primary Structures Educational Foundation Inc. (PSEFI)Scholarship Program300,000.002012
Cebu Technological University / Cebu State College of Science and TechnologyScholarship Program300,000.002012
Mun. of Poro, CebuScholarship Program300,000.002011
Cebu Technological University / Cebu State College of Science and TechnologyScholarship Program500,000.002011
Negros Oriental State University / Central Visayas Polytechnic CollegeScholarship Program300,000.002012
Basey National High School, Basey, SamarConstruction/Repair/Rehabilitation of Flood Control  (Site Embankment project)1,000,000.002012
Zumarraga Integrated School, Zumarraga, SamarConstruction/Repair/Rehabilitation of School bldg.1,000,000.002012
Leyte Normal UniversityScholarship Program300,000.002012
Eastern Visayas State University / Leyte Institute of TechnologyScholarship Program300,000.002012
Eastern Visayas State UniversityScholarship Program500,000.002011
Arena Blanco National High School, Arena Blanco12 computer units250,000.002013
Western Mindanao State UniversityScholarship Program300,000.002012
Ateneo De Zamboanga Univ., Sch. Of MedScholarship Program1,000,000.002011
Western Mindanao State UniversityScholarship Program500,000.002011
Jose Rizal Memorial State UniversityScholarship Program300,000.002012
Central Mindanao UniversityScholarship Program500,000.002012
Central Mindanao University, Musuan, BukidnonConstruction/Repair/Rehabilitation of Multi-purpose Bldg (School Gymnasium)3,000,000.002012
Mindanao State University- IliganScholarship Program300,000.002011
Mindanao University of Science and TechnologyScholarship Program500,000.002011
Mindanao State University- Naawan, MisamisScholarship Program1,000,000.002011
Mindanao State University, Nawaan, Misamis OrientalConstruction/Repair/Rehabilitation of Marine and Environmental Science Center Bldg.1,000,000.002010
University of Southeastern PhilippinesScholarship Program1,000,000.002012
Davao Oriental State College of Science and TechnologyScholarship Program500,000.002011
Cotabato City State Polytechnic CollegeScholarship Program300,000.002012
University of Southern MindanaoScholarship Program300,000.002012
University of Southern MindanaoScholarship Program500,000.002011
MSU Gen. SantosScholarship Program300,000.002011
Lambayong National High School, Lambayong, Sultan Kudarat1 unit Multicab to be used as School Service300,000.002013
Magallanes North Elementary School, Brgy. Marcos, Magallanes, Agusan Del NorteConstruction/Repair/Rehabilitation of (2) classroom units1,000,000.002012
Caraga State UniversityScholarship Program500,000.002011
Surigao State College of TechnologyScholarship Program300,000.002012
Apayao Prov'l Hosp.Medical assistance for Indigent Patients500,000.002011
PMA Corps of ProffessorsScholarship Program1,000,000.002010
Benguet State UniversityScholarship Program500,000.002011
Basilan State CollegeScholarship Program300,000.002012
MSU-Main Campus, Marawi CityConstruction/Repair/Rehabilitation of 647.4meter 2 lanes, at 2nd Street in front of the Administration bldg. at MSU Main Campus, Marawi City5,000,000.002012
MSU MarawiScholarship Program300,000.002011
Pandag Elementary School, Pandag, MaguindanaoConstruction/Repair/Rehabilitation of a school bldg. at Pandag Elementary School2,000,000.002013
Mangudadatu National High School,Mangudadatu, MaguindanaoConstruction/Repair/Rehabilitation of a school bldg. at Mangudadatu National High School2,000,000.002013
Upi Agricultural School Alumni Association, Upi, Maguindanao1 photocopier30,000.002012
MSU MaguindanaoScholarship Program300,000.002011
Mun. of Sultan Kudarat, MaguindanaoConstruction of 4-Classroom School bldg. at Simuay Junction Central Elementary School at Brgy. Crossing Simuay, Sultan Kudarat2,500,000.002011
MSU Jolo, SuluScholarship Program300,000.002011
MSU Tawi-TawiScholarship Program300,000.002011
Caloocan City North Science High SchoolConstruction of 8-classroom School Bldg.20,000,000.002010
Don Bosco InstituteScholarship Program1,000,000.002012
University of MakatiScholarship Program1,000,000.002010
Philippine Normal UniversityScholarship Program300,000.002012
Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng MaynilaScholarship Program1,000,000.002012
Polytechnic University of the PhilippinesScholarship Program1,000,000.002012
Unibersidad de ManilaScholarship Program300,000.002013
PLMScholarship Program500,000.002011
PUPProfessorial Chair/Scholarship Program1,000,000.002011
Phil. Normal UniversityScholarship Program500,000.002010
Polytechnic University of the PhilippinesScholarship Program500,000.002010
Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng MaynilaScholarship Program500,000.002010
Meralco Foundation Inc.Scholarship Program2,000,000.002012
Meralco Foundation, IncScholarship Program2,000,000.002010
UP NCPAG HostelConstruction/Repair/Rehabilitation of UP Hostel4,000,000.002013
UP NCPAGConstruction/Repair/Rehabilitation of UP NCPAG Hostel1,000,000.002012
UP NCPAGScholarship Program1,500,000.002012
UP Political ScienceScholarship Program500,000.002012
UP Mass CommunicationsScholarship Program500,000.002012
UP Department of HistoryPurchase of Equipment300,000.002012
UP Open UniversityScholarship Program1,000,000.002012
Angelicum College, Sta. Mesa, Quezon CityScholarship Program1,000,000.002011
UP Open UniversityScholarship Program1,000,000.002011
UP History Dept.Scholarship Program1,000,000.002011
UP NCPAGScholarship Program1,000,000.002011
UP Political ScienceScholarship Program1,000,000.002011
UP NCPAGConstruction of Academic Bldg1,000,000.002011
UP SystemScholarship Program2,000,000.002010
UP Open UniversityScholarship Program2,000,000.002010
UP NCPAGScholarship Program1,000,000.002010
UP History DepartmentScholarship Program1,000,000.002010
San Juan City scholarshipFinancial assistance to the City of San Juan for scholarship program to 100 direct beneficiaries and over 50,000 indirect beneficiaries for education and community development thru the Arts and Nations bldg. by improving the education of Filipino youth. (Implementing Ageny: San Juan City)1,000,000.002011
Filipino War Veterans Foundation IncScholarship Program thru TESDA100,000.002012
Taguig City UniversityScholarship Program300,000.002012
TESDAScholarship Program3,000,000.002012
Technological University of the Phil (Taguig)Scholarship Program300,000.002012